We at Memphis Magnetic believe that the multitrack recording arts reached a zenith in the late 60’s through the early 70’s and then from the mid to late 70’s started the long downhill slide into the Protools world of today.  We try to keep it simple and make records that stay in that late 60‘s early 70‘s recording sensibility.

Our main tape recorders are Ampex MM1200 2 inch machines with available 16 track or 24 track headstacks our console is a classic, transformer balanced, Sphere Eclipse A.  We use standard rock n roll compression, like UA 1176’s, Spectra Sonics 610’s and DBX 165VU series equipment.  During tracking and on the mix we run tape delays, real plate reverbs and employ an echo chamber for effects.  

MMR gravitates to quality, made to last several lifetimes, analog recording equipment, the pre or before “prosumer” type of gear that imparts quality and character to recordings that we all reference back to.

In addition to our main 2 inch tape machines, we also have a beautiful sounding 1958 Ampex 300-3 1/2 inch 3 track, that we use all the time, (and yes, we even have a protools rig…although we infrequently track to it).  We mix to 2 track analog 98% of the time.


Sphere Eclipse A 28 Inputs 16 Bus (circa – 1970’s)

For a in-depth look at our console please read our blog page regarding our Sphere:

The Sphere Console. – Our recording console is a Rare and legendary 1970’s Sphere Eclipse A. these consoles were top of the line custom consoles made from the early to mid 1970’s. Sphere made approximately 50 and of those, only 23-25 are known to still exist…. on the planet!

These remaining Sphere consoles are Holy Grail mixing consoles…from the stone age of modern console design!

Our Sphere features 28 channels of Class A transformer balanced microphone preamps that are well regarded for their clear, warm and punchy sound.  This desk has 16 busses and is filled with a mixture of the famous graphic 910/920 EQs (these eq’s are so good that these are frequently pulled out, racked up for outboard tracking/mixing and even used by some mastering engineers). This desk was recently gone through, restored and is fully functional.  We had brand new aux/cue modules built, that update the original somewhat limited aux section.  Now this desk has more flexibility for effects and headphone mixes while also incorporating a “small fader” section to have a separate pre and post tape section making it truly a modern inline console.

Analog Tape Recorders

Ampex MM1200 2″ 16-track – 1970’s

Ampex MM1200 2″ 24-track – 1970’s

Ampex 300-3 1/2″ all tube 3-track!

Ampex 351 1/4″ Full Track Mono mastering deck – 1950’s

Ampex 351 1/4″ Stereo mastering deck – 1950’s

Ampex AG440 [3] 1/4″ 2-track mastering deck – 1960’s

Magnecorder Type PT6-R 1/4″ MONO – late 1940’s

Teac A-2300SR 1/4″ Consumer 4-track

Ribbon Microphones

AEA R88 stereo ribbon


Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon (x3)

Coles 4038 (x2)

RCA 77-DX Ribbon Mic

RCA BK5 Ribbon Mic

RCA KB2A “Paintbrush” Ribbon Mic

RCA Varicoustic Ribbon Mic

Royer 122 MkII (x2)

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones


Gefell MV692/UM70 (x2)

Neumann U87 (circa 1977)

Neumann U47fet (x2)


Sony C500 FET

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

AKG C451-E

Beyerdynamic MC930

DPA 4011 (x2)

Neumann KM84 (x2)

Dynamic Microphones


Audio Technica ATM25 (x2)

Audix i5

Beyerdynamic M201TC (x2)

Beyerdynamic M88TC

EV 635a (x2)

EV 664

EV 666

Sennheiser MD421 II (x3)

Sennheiser 441

Sennheiser 609

Shure SM7b

Shure SM57 (7)

Shure Beta 52

Sonotone CM-10A (2)

OTHER Microphones types

Audio Technica AT2500 Duel Capsule Dynamic/Condenser


Custom made sub kick


Universal Audio 1176 (x2) Compressor/Limiter

Urei LA-4 (x2) Opto Compressor/Limiter

Anthony Demaria Labs ADL1000 Tube Compressor/Limiter

Stromberg Carlson Compressor/Limiter

Spectra Sonics 610 Compressor

DBX 160 XT Compressor

DBX 165 VU (x2)

JDK Audio COMP-R22 stereo compressor

Urei 555 eq High and low Pass Filter

Aurora Audio parametic eq

Outboard Effects

Roland Space Echo 201 [2]

Fender Reverb Tank

Master Room Spring Reverb

Fairchild Reverbatron [2]

Plate Reverb custom made in Nashville in the 1970’s

Mic Preamps

Sphere Eclipe A console preamps [28 Ch.]

Ampex 300 [3] tube 1950’s

Ampex 351 [3] tube 1950’s

Ampex AG350 [2] Germanium transistors – 1960’s

Ampex 440 [4] transistor with beyer transformers 1960’s

Auditronics 110b [2] Plus EQ

Berlant Series 30 [3] tube 1950’s

Magnecorder PT6-R [1] Tube Mic Pre – 1940’s

Universal Audio 2-610

Tube Mixers

Berlant MCM-2, 4 Ch. tube mixer [1] Tube

Magnecorder PT6-P, 3 Ch.tube mixer [2] Tube

Converters and Digital Recorders

Lynx Aurora 16 and Lynx Aurora 8, clocked together for 24 analog ins and 24 analog outs

Running ProTools 12.? subscription

32 bit/196 Khz, 24 analog inputs 24 analog outputs

Guitar & Bass Amplifiers

We have a huge selection of new and vintage Ampeg, Fender, Gibson (and many others) amps in our collection and we encourage you to come and try out some new sounds. Our varied and unique collection of keyboard instruments can be a great source of sonic inspiration as well.

Ampeg B15N 1965

Ampeg SB12 1960s

Ampeg Gemini I 1965

Fender Vibro Champ Silverface 1970

Fender Bassman Head Stock Blackface 1965

Fender 2×10 Cab 1970’s

Premier B-160 Club Bass Custom 1950’s with 15in Jensen

Gibson BR9 1940s

Gibson Scout 1964

Marshall 4×12 Cab loaded with vintage 30’s

Silvertone Twin Twelve Head 1960s

Alamo Paragon Bass Amp 1964

Electro-Harmonix pedals a variety

Guitars & Basses

At any given time, we have a rotating stock of new and vintage guitars and bases.  If you want to use something in particular, let us know and we will do our best to provide whatever you’re looking for.


Chickering Grand Piano 1950s?

Hammond B3 with Leslie 1950’s

Hammond M3 with Leslie 1950s

Wurlitzer 120 (the “Ray Charles” model)

Lowrey tube organ with built in Leslie

Estes Pump Organ early 1900s


Zylophone full size

Jenco Vibrophone


Gretch 70’s kit 24″ bass drum, etc

Ludwig “Ringo” Kit w/ Snare 22” bass drum, etc

Slingerland Mixed Kit 20” bass drum etc 1960s

Slingerland Timpani 30inch

Direct Boxes

Acme Wolf Box III (with original transformer…”the Motown Di”)

Countryman DI Type 81 [2]

Sescom Sm-1A [3] (Jensen transformer passive DI)


Yamaha NS-10M powered by a Bryston 2B

Altec 604 powered by KT88 mono block amps

Focal Shape Twins

Headphone system

Custom 16 Channel Headphone boxes [6]  Each headphone mixer has 16 channels, dynamics, EQ and pan

Beyerdynamic DT770Pro Headphones [7]