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Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. is a classic analog recording facility that is housed in a old commercial building from the 1920s in downtown Memphis, TN. Renovated by the legendary, Bob Suffolk of Suffolk Studio Design, we are an analog-centric studio, and offer a variety of classic and modern recording options.

By tracking primarily to analog tape, we believe we offer an experience that has become unique in the field of recording. So often with the ability to track infinitely and microscopic editing capabilities, it is easy to lose sight of the goal of most recordings: to capture a performance. We believe a band will deliver the best performance when they are comfortable and able to communicate with each other. For this reason, whenever possible, musicians play together in the same room with a clear line of vision between them. All you have to do is play and we will take care of everything else. We usually track to either 2 inch 24 track or 2 inch 16 track we believe that the ‘limitation’ of 16 tracks is one of our greatest assets, as it forces musicians and engineers alike to be as succinct as possible when it comes to musical and technical decisions (we do however, offer Protools for those projects that prefer or require it). By keeping these ideas in mind, we strive to offer an experience as well as a final product akin to the ‘good-old-days’ of recording.


Recording: Analog or Digital

Live tracking, overdubs, demos, anything – you name it, we’ll help you make it sound great.



Get a fresh set of ears and/or some vintage effects on your record.
Transfers: Whatever your tape format, we probably have the equipment to transfer it into digital WAVS. Don’t lose it, archive it!
Or give us your digital files and we’ll run them through tape and back for a touch of that “tape sound.”


Need a particular type of player for your record? We have worked with some of the best – let us help you assemble a band that most fits your needs. We have a long list of quality session musicians on call.


With all the great tools at Memphis Magnetic Recording, let us help you make the most effective use of them. We would love to collaborate with you on any or all creative aspects of your project.

See our gear, and read more about why Memphis Magnetic Recording is right for you.

Analog Gear