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A clear explanation of Analog tape, Bias, Operating Level and other seemingly confusing topics. PART I Operating Level

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Posted by scottmcewen June 23, 2020 A clear explanation of Analog tape, Bias, Operating Level and other seemingly confusing topics A clear explanation of Analog tape, Bias, Operating Level and other seemingly confusing topics   Part I Operating Level So you just bought an analog tape machine, or maybe you have worked in a studio that HAS a tape machine, but it has been sitting in a dusty corner. Regardless, you are interested in the mythical analog tape machine and what it can bring to your productions. We have found that there is a gap in the passing [...]

A few videos from albums Memphis Magnetic’s own, Scott McEwen has Engineered

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“Purpose Built Vintage”

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We have been focusing on building out our interior, but soon plan on turning the corner on our exterior.  Here are a couple sneak peek concept drawings of Memphis Magnetic Recording Co.    Check back here for new pictures and drawings. Pastel colors design drawing by Bob Suffolk "Arrow design" drawing by Self + Tucker Architects

JD McPherson’s “Undivided Heart & Soul” hits stores today 10.6.2017

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JD McPherson's "Undivided Heart & Soul" hits stores today 10.6.2017.  Memphis Magnetic founder, Scott McEwen was super stoked to be the chief engineer on this album. As I write this (10.6.2017), the first single off this album "Lucky Penny" is charting at #1 on Americana radio for it's second week in a row! Just want to add that as of (10.20.2017) the first single off this record is still charting on Americana radio at #1 As of (10.20.2017) this is album is charting at #3 on the Billboard Chart as well!  

In Session Photos

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This is a series of "In Session Photos at Memphis Magnetic Recording":   ...a few moments from Travis Linville's recent session at Memphis Magnetic with JD McPherson producing. ... a photo from the iso booth on a recent Molly Martin session, with the multi talented, Grammy award winning, Scot Sax on bass AND drums! Jason Smay doing tom overdubs with engineer Scott McEwen Above, the fantastic Morgan James conducting the Memphis String Quartet for her new release. Below, a few photos from the recent Talibah Safiya Live in studio concert / recording session [...]

Vintage guitar amplifiers, for you to use.

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Vintage Ampeg Gemini 1 guitar amp at Memphis Magnetic Recording Co All of our gear is here for a reason, it is time tested on thousands of recordings, it’s our go-to equipment that we know works in specific applications.  Before I even go on, let me just say that there is NO rental fee, ever on this gear.  Our collection of vintage guitar amplifiers and drums, is here for you to use, we know these are good sounding examples and record well on tape. This is not to say that we force anybody to use [...]

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