We have a huge selection of new and vintage Ampeg, Fender, Gibson (and many others) amps in our collection and we encourage you to come and try out some new sounds. Our varied and unique collection of keyboard instruments can be a great source of sonic inspiration as well.

Guitar & Bass Amplifiers

Ampeg B15N 1965
Ampeg Gemini I 1964
Ampeg SB12 1960s
Ampeg SVT4 1990s
Ampeg 4×10 Modern
Ampeg 2×15 1970s V4 era
SWR Goliath 4×10 Bass Cab
Fender Vibro Champ Silverface 1970
Fender Bassman Head Blackface 1965
Fender 2×10 Cab 1970’s
Premier B-160 Club Bass Custom 1950’s with 15in Jensen
Gibson BR9 1940s
Gibson Scout 1964
Silvertone Twin Twelve Head 1960s
Alamo Paragon Bass Amp 196


Hammond B3 with 147 Leslie cab 1950s
Hammond M3 1950s
Chickering Grand Piano 1950s?
Wurlitzer 120 (the “Ray Charles” model)
Lowrey Genie
Kimball Voyager
Estes Pump Organ early 1900s
Organaire Chord Organ
LaDuca Bros “Field Organ”
Spinet upright piano
Rosewood Zylophone full size

Drum Sets
Gretch 70’s kit 24″ Bass Drum, etc
Ludwig “Ringo” Kit w/ Snare
Slingerland Mixed Kit 1960s

Guitars & Basses

At any given time, we have a rotating stock of new and vintage guitars and bases.  If you want to use something in particular, let us know and we will do our best to provide whatever you’re looking for.